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Pillows with essential oils


For a natural sleep

ItalGuanciali deals with the production and sell of pillow with essential oils. The use of perfumed essences for curative purposed goes back many years.

Indeed, our ancestors have understood the effects of scents and they have used them as therapeutic remedies. Essential oils are natural products; they are extracted by different aromatic herbs and medicinal plants such as flowers, resin, bark and root.

After the extraction, the product is a mix of liquid and oily substances, which are scented like plants from whence they came.

Inhalation is the most immediately and direct application. The olfactory stimulations are the only that go directly to the brain cortex without being filtered from thalamus for a preliminary analysis. Essential oils are used to rebalance the psychic and emotional sphere: that’s Aromatherapy.
The aromatherapy takes advantage of antiseptic, antitoxic, healing, pesticide, anti-rheumatic, stimulating and invigorating properties of essences.

Our essential oils scented pillows in memory foam give a natural sensation of wellness to your sleep and release a delicate aroma. The pillow moulds itself depending on the body heat, adapting itself naturally and healthily to the head contour.

The memory foam pillows keep their shape for a long time and help you to breath better while sleeping. That’s make you start the day in a better way. You can choose the fragrance you like the most among many relaxing and pleasant perfumes.



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