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Memory foam pillows


Comfort and wellness

ItalGuanciali memory foam pillows are made up of an innovating material. It is about anatomic pillows which perfectly adapt themselves to each contour without compressing and improve blood flow.

We are speaking about the heart of a memory foam pillow, in viscoelastic polyurethane foam. All of us have thought that there was no product on the market that could satisfy our needs, because of it we got information about the leader in production of these materials and we have convinced it to create a new one for us.
It is a water-made material, so it has no solvent which is good for health and environment. It also guarantees the perfect neck and cervical spine alignment. After many tests, we have found the right density for a weight of 7kg, which is the average weight of human head.
As stated above, in addition to the raw material, the shape of the pillow is also important. The shape of our pillow has been created in cooperation with some bioengineers, who have helped us to realize the particular concentric circles massage system.
During the production cycle, we use only water-based mould release agents, which have no solvents. In this way, the production activities are more difficult and consequently slower.
At the end of the 48 hours’ rest cycle, every pillow is exposed for 10 hours to an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), which permits the complete sterilization. Thanks to this process, we guarantee the customers a 100% hygienic and sterilized product, which preserves from dust and impurities to keep the head always protected.


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